Termites, the silent destroyer. These pests can cause serious damage to your home. Feeding mainly on cellulose, an ingredient found in wood, these insects can chew through important structures of your home, leaving it weak and vulnerable. What makes termites especially dangerous is their ability to cause damage without the homeowner’s knowledge. It’s imperative to invest in having a termite inspection completed at the first sign of termites, and before.

Signs of a termite infestation includes:

  • Cracked paint or wall surfaces
  • Swarming winged insects around your home
  • Mud tubes
  • Hollowed wood
  • Wings from insects around your home

Professional termite inspection can help save you thousands of dollars in necessary repairs to damage caused by termites. Gourtney home inspections is trained in termite inspection and equipped with knowledge and experience to help identify signs of a termite infestation. Through the inspection both the inside and outside of your home will be evaluated to determine if termites are present and the level of infestation. 

When termite inspections are completed early enough the infestation can be treated before most damage is caused. Gourtney’s termite inspection process is accurate and will provide you with peace of mind. Your home and your family’s safety is Gourtney’s number one priority and we strive to leave you feeling confident in our termite inspection service. 

Termite inspections should be completed annually to guarantee no pests are slipping through the cracks. Sometimes inspections need to be completed more often depending on your home’s susceptibility. Homes in areas with excess moisture may be more at risk for a termites infestation. Water damaged wood can draw termites in allowing them to take up residence in your home. Protect your home and your finances by having termite inspections completed as often as necessary. 

While you might think you’re covered by your homeowners insurance, think again. Homeowners insurance, while it covers most unexpected damages, it does not cover termite damage. To insurance companies, termite damage does not fall under the category “unexpected,” as there are measures you can take to prevent these damages, such as an inspection.  

Gourtney home inspections is able to offer termite inspections to save your home and your wallet from unexpected, and costly visitors. Termite infestation can range in the size of their colony as well as the areas of the home that is affected. Having an inspection completed will help identify all of these areas. If you suspect your home has fallen victim to termites give us a call today.



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