Harrisburg NC Home Inspections

Home inspection services in Harrisburg, NC have never been easier than with Gourtney Home Inspections. Be confident with the decisions you make about your new home. Let Gourtney take the worry out of your next venture by searching for any problems that may arise in your newest investment. Gourtney home inspections is owned and operated by North Carolina resident Terry Gourtney (NCHI # 4051). As part of the community Terry inspects every home as if he were going to purchase it himself. Through his experience he has learned how valuable the inside of a home inspector can be to anyone involved in a real-estate transaction. 


Our main goal at Gourtney is to be sure you understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into during the buying process of your home in Cabarrus County. Your home is a major purchase, and you should have a certified professional there to protect it. Gourtney provides the necessary care for your property, which is why we’re Harrisburg’s top trusted home inspector. A new property may seem ready to go, but the reality of the matter is there are some problems that may not be seen right away. Or maybe you don’t know what to look for. Gourtney services can assist in purchasing a new home as well as help you understand your new investment. 




Certified Home Inspection

A pre-purchase home inspection is an overall visual inspection much like a physical examination. Through this inspection you’ll learn about the condition of the plumbing, electrical, foundation, HVAC, garage, appliances, ventilation and more at the time it is inspected. This will allow sellers to be up-front about any issues and give grounds for the buyer to negotiate the price.


Certified Radon Inspection

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas found in all types of homes in North Carolina. The surgeon general has deemed radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths, behind smoking. Radon levels can be detected in the home’s foundation, crawl space, and basements which makes it imperative to have your home checked. The EPA recommends all homes are tested for radon. 


Gourtney is all about home inspections, and we are dedicated to educating our clients, protecting their families, and catering to their individual needs. Feel free to join during the inspection and ask any questions that arise. We are there to teach you about your home’s elements, how they function, and what to look for. Our services are personalized that fit every client’s needs. Gourtney Home Inspection services are professional, personalized, and comprehensive. We take our time during inspections to make sure nothing is missed. Your Harrisburg home is important to us. Whether you are buying or selling, rely on North Carolina’s top home inspection company. 


Protect your investment and your family and consult with Gourtney Home Inspections before you buy or sell. For Harrisburg’s most accurate and detailed home inspections, call the area’s most trusted professional. 


A home inspection with Gourtney comes with a full home walkthrough once the inspection is complete. Following the walkthrough clients are given a free 1-on-1 session to explain in detail the contents of the report. Reports can be long and complicated, which can lead to frustration. The reports you will receive with your inspection will be coupled with our personalized service allowing you to fully understand the report in detail.